Planning Application Now Live

The planning application for our proposals to extend myhotel Brighton is now live and under consideration. Let us know what you think and submit your comments to the case officer Anthony Foster, quoting application number BH2013/01034, by email to anthony.foster at

Introduction to Proposals

myhotel from New Road
myhotel from New Road

The myhotel buiding is located in the heart of Brighton’s North Laine Conservation Area, the cultural centre of the city. Opposite the Jubilee Library and adjacent to the Prince Regent’s Swimming Complex on one side and the Waggon & Horses Pub on the other, myhotel was part of the Jubilee Street re-development that was completed in 2007.

As part of a busy mixed-use street myhotel and its retail partners contributes to a vibrant & colourful area. At street level the retail units are currently housing the successful Brighton independent businesses of Small Batch Coffee Company, The Chilli Pickle and Merkabar.

The proposals comprise the extension and alteration of parts of

the building, including 14 new guest suites, an enlargement of the two ground floor units (Currently the Chilli Pickle restaurant and the Small Batch coffee shop), refurbishment of the basement car park into a multi-purpose music venue, and the creation of 1 new penthouse residential unit.


Architecture and Interiors photography by Jim Stephenson / clickclickjim

With the arrival of new hotel operators into the local market myhotel is ambitious to remain at the forefront of hospitality service in Brighton & Hove. The building is operating at maximum capacity (the hotel is regularly booked to 80% occupancy which places it as the local market leader) and there are clear indications that demand for the hotels services are increasing. As part of the hotel’s ongoing strategic business review certain adaptations to the hotel building and its infrastructure have been targeted for updating and improvement. These improvements seek to retain existing jobs in the building but more importantly to create additional employment. Overall, it is anticipated that the extension and conversion works will add a further 20 jobs across the hotel and its associated retail partners: myhotel, myhotel/multi-purpose music venue, The Chilli Pickle, Small Batch Coffee Company and Merkabar. With the hospitality sector forming a backbone to local employment, these roles are ideal for existing hospitality trained Brighton & Hove residents, but also for new entrants into the sector looking for specialist training.

Design Overview By Aspect

a.      South. The extension incorporates: extra space for the retail unit currently occupied by Small Batch Coffee; dedicated access to a multi-purpose music venue in the basement; 4 extra guest rooms at 1st and 2nd floor levels for the hotel. Jubliee Street sits within the North Laine Conservation Area. The proposal removes the need for a basement car access and thus enables the southerly side of the urban block to be provided with a design that coherently presents itself to the approach from New Road giving the street an ‘end’. Design studies were carried out to assess whether the existing architecture of the hotel could be adapted to create the extension, it was felt the design detail should deliberately contrast with the scale of the host building.

b.      West. The entrance condition is given a landscaped flourish with green walls, a new canopy, clearly demarked seating and new banner signage. Guests to the hotel would have a clear marker as to where the entrance is. The proposal enhances and draws attention to the cleverly designed wavy-glazed street frontage that deliberately softens the public/private threshold between the building and the street.

c.      North. A new pavilion extends the restaurant unit currently occupied by Chilli Pickle adding at least 30 covers to their capacity. The side extension and its integrated landscaping softens the building’s presence in Jubilee Square. The specification of the planting has yet to be determined, but provisionally we are looking at a combination of flowering creepers and local meadow species. The specification is aimed at offering a broad flowering season to attract the inhabitants of the bee-hives proposed for the roof.

d.      East. It is proposed that the existing 2  houses at the end of the Mews (formerly the Aintree and Kent garage) are to be demolished and replaced with a new structure in the style of the hotel building, the existing flint wall would be retained and a window would be added into Chilli Pickle’s new private dining room. The extension incorporates: a private dining room, chef’s studio stet dry stores for Chilli Pickle at ground; & 8 no guest rooms at 1st, 2nd & 3rd floors for the hotel.

e.      Roof. A new residential unit is proposed on the roof, replacing one of the lost mews house residential units. There is an existing plant area on the roof enclosed in acoustic louvers. These louvered panels will be used to clad the new roof extension incorporating it into the existing roofscape style. Frameless glazed panels form the windows. From the street, the roof extension will be not visible from most vistas due to the set back and the detail of the pitched roof. Where visible it will appear as a plant room, much like it does currently. It is the intention of myhotel to install sustainable technology systems to the areas of the flat roof to dramatically improve the building and company’s carbon performance. This will include photovoltaic panels, a green roof. Though not assisting with energy use, the inclusion of a bee farm will help the bio-diversity in and around the North Laine.

f.       Roof – South elevation. It is proposed to infill an existing terrace to the south elevation with 2 no guest bedrooms. The extension will be contructed in the style of the existing hotel.


We have created visualisations of the proposals from key viewpoints approaching the building- New Road, Jubilee Street and the Prince Regent’s Swimming Complex. Differing from the walkthroughs and the drawings, these images give a sense of scale and materiality. They show how the alterations relate to the surrounding buildings from an eye level perspective.

New Road End, Existing & Proposed:

New Road View

The South extension is designed to contrast with the existing fabric of the building, so it is a visually separate entity. Its fenestration does however pick up on rhythms in the glazing pattern of its host building, pulling them round the corner of the new construction. The tall window openings and curved glazed corners will provide an Art Deco flavour. First and Second floors will be clad in a white painted cobbled wall construction, responding to the local vernacular, and at ground floor white glazed bricks will be used with a raked mortar joint. Dark steel profiles give the extension strong lateral lines that are drawn from the neighbouring public house, and brass detailing on the corner post and spandrel panels will add a fine finishing touch. The south extension will provide a considerably more resolved end to the building as seen from New Road.

Prince Regent’s View, Existing & Proposed:

Prince Regents View

The rear extension aims to resolve the end of the building on to the Twitten by continuing the existing detailing where it is currently chopped off. At Ground floor level the cobbled wall of the mews houses is retained, with an opening and sliding timber shutter that opens up from the new private dining room behind. Wall creeper planting is added to the facade facing Jubilee Square along with more general landscaping that accompanies the restaurant extension pavilion. The rear extension completes the end of building where it abruptly ends.

Jubilee Street View, Existing & Proposed:


Jubilee Street View 02

The garden pavilion extension to restaurant will be dressed in landscaping. This incorporates a green roof, wall climbers and a large, deep fixed planter. The roof extension will be clad in acoustic louvres to match the existing roof plant container, its windows will be frameless large panes and the roof will have a pitched corner detail. This design aims to be as discreet as possible, and will only be visible from the far side of Jubilee Square. On Jubilee Street there will be a new entrance canopy and signage, landscaping and seating area to give the hotel a more defined interaction with the street.


The drawings and documents that accompany the planning application show the ‘as existing’ and ‘as proposed’ condition of the building and describe the rationale for the design decisions. The Documents shown below comprise the following: photographs, plans, elevations, sections and the Design & Access Statement.

The next set of drawings show the proposals. Again there are plans of each floor along with external elevations of each side of the building.


A view of the most recent myhotel proposals, approaching from the North end of Jubilee Street and ending on the Twitten, taking in a proposed ground floor extension to the restaurant facing Jubilee Square, a rooftop penthouse, and a three-floor extension on the East side of the building replacing an existing mews house.

Approaching from the entrance to the Prince Regent’s Swimming Complex and ending on Church Street, taking in a proposed ground floor extension to the restaurant facing Jubilee Square, a rooftop penthouse, a three-storey extension on the East side of the building replacing an existing mews house and a three-storey extension on the South side of the building.

Approaching from New Road, walking round the perimeter of the building taking in the South extension, the new hotel entrance canopy on Jubilee Street, the restaurant extension and landscaping on Jubilee Square and the street level condition of the East extension in place of the existing mews houses on Twitten.